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        Canadian Energy Partners
        Stock Quote: 2019-06-06
        Last - 0.01 Volume - 12500
        Day High - 0.01 Day Low - 0.01
        OGC Final Decision
        OGAT Final Decision
        Final OGAT Submission
        OGAT Supplemental Submission
        OGC Permit Letter
        OGC Seismicity Report
        OGAT Appeal
        OGAT Stay Application
        Notice of Appeal
        Sep 20, 2018
        Canada Energy Partners Announces Termination of the Agreement to Sell Water Disposal Well
        Jul 12, 2018
        Canada Energy Partners Signs Non-binding Letter of Intent for the Sale of Water Disposal Well
        Dec 6, 2017
        BC Oil & Gas Commission Allows Resumption Of Canada Energy Partnersí» Water Disposal Operations Upon Meeting Additional Conditions

        • CE is a multifaceted company with three focuses:
          • 1.  A mid-stream supplier of water disposal services.
          • 2.  Development of a wellbore mining technology.
          • 3.  An energy/mineral explorer

        Video: JetCav Tool Test Results


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